The Brain waves meditation

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The Brain waves meditation

Prayer means you’re making an attempt to speak with God.

Dhyana (7th Limb of Yoga) allows your God, the supreme being to speak to you.. If you do all the talking then there is no 2 way communication. Allow the mighty one to speak and connect to you during Dhyana seeing as you have probably spoken all day.

Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve!
 Napoleon Hill

Conceiving is easy. Believing lasts for while until it fades! Affirmations do this, they change the subconscious mind! We are electrical by nature! States of the human mind works in frequencies.

When a person meditates, he finds himself in a relaxed and calm state. On a brainwave level he reaches an alpha state of consciousness.
The frequency of alpha, beta, theta and delta are in the range of 1 to 30 Hz whereas human ears are capable of listening to sounds only within the frequency range from 20 to 20,000Hz . So how can we listen to an external sound that produces an effect within 1 to 20 Hz to attain alpha, theta or delta level of conscious? As the meditation deepens he finds himself more calm and focused and his brainwave level reaches to theta (and finally to delta) state. A person who is in meditation, can have any experience related to alpha, theta or delta brainwaves. From this we can draw a very interesting corollary.

Aum chanting helps meditation with all of these frequencies.

  • Beta waves (12-30 Hz) typically dominate our normal waking states of consciousness and occur when attention is directed towards cognitive and other tasks. Beta is a ‘fast’ wave activity that is present when we are alert, attentive, focused, and engaged in problem solving or decision-making. We are in this wave most of the day. Doing puzzles and/or math sums can level this wave. Experiential: Think of your favourite number and begin to multiply it and multiply and multiply that soon the number becomes infinite.
  • Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling default-state typically created when you’re daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. Visualize an idea or your personal goal and put yourself in that picture! Create a floating experience. The kind of high you get from taking Cannabis, hence why some yogis like to smoke marijuana. Experiential: Imagine yourself in a floating tank and just hovering above water feeling light and liquid body!
  • Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) occur during sleep but have also been observed in the deepest states of Zen meditation. The Twilight state of being. Stage 1 of sleep, the notion of losing the sense of lying in bed. A state of reverie. You can provoke long forgotten memories (positive and negative) whilst in Theta. Ask questions in Theta mode??? Intuition comes in at Theta so trust this frequency when seeking answers. Experiential: Visual drawing an amazing piece of art, a picture, or painting so vivid and alive BUT in a hypnotized fashion! Tell yourself everyday “I am getting better and better!” Accept them with your subconscious mind also so that it is real and strong.
  • Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are the slowest brain waves and occur primarily during our deepest state of dreamless sleep. The deeper the sleep, the higher amount of delta waves. Healing takes place whilst in Delta! This occurs in very experienced practitioners. A Samadhi state of being! Total unity and being! You feel part of a solid, strong community. You get the bigger picture. Experiential: Feel the joy and bliss you get from having a very good nights sleep. Total rejuvenation! Connect to the cellular level and sense its healing. Alive inside out.
  • Gamma waves (25 to 100 Hz) typically hover around 40 Hz and are the fastest of the brain wave bandwidths. Gamma waves relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas and have been associated with higher states of conscious perception. Binding of our senses. Listening to music helps this wave. Experiential: Meditate on compassion and Healing at a global scale. Just with your efforts in this meditation seat go beyond your own small self to a powerful giant that has the power to wrap all arms around you. Chant: Lokah Samastha Suknino Bhavanthu: and notice how you feel saying it with deep meaning and lovingness.


Target: From 60 thoughts per minutes go down to 30 thoughts pm, 15 thoughts pm, 10 thoughts pm.. Eventually to 0 thoughts pm is the goal! At Night time before bed, do a Mental Floss like you floss your teeth, removing mental Plaque build up and floss out all the truth decay! Floss out negativeness and bring in more positive images! When you wake up already imagine how you want the day to pan out (Tao Porchon- Lynch swears by this method).

Aum .. Om.. Aum..
Happy meditating Yogis.

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The experientials were created by me

Reference from Colin Hilnes, Mind Power, Sayush from MindBodySpirit.

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