The Hairstylist Approach to Yoga !

The Hairstylist Approach to Yoga !

I do not visit the hair salon often, but when I do there is always a trim involved. As I recently sat on the hairdresser’s chair this focus began its journey into this week’s inspiration. So, let us take a closer look at how a good hairdresser has the yogic attitude towards the hair and scalp as us yogis have towards our mat and practice.  1st it’s the analyzing of the hair and inquiry as to what service we would like; I would equal this start up to us coming onto our mats and offering the practice up towards a higher being and/or to those who we wish to dedicate the practice to. 2ndly the shampoo, well, let us hope we did arrive on the mat clean and showered rather than smelly and in bad odour. 3rd, the cut or the service itself! We can use this cutting stage of the hair for us to switch off and cut ourselves off from the external world to the internal self. The Body, Breath and Mind in unison. Whether you go for colour or any other treatment the practice of yoga asana now starts. Leaving the drama behind and concentrating on a 1 pointed mindness. 4thly, the trimming and shaping. Let us trim ourselves from those bad habits, nuances or  anything else in our lives that block us towards a more evolved and compassionate being. Let us have the drive to remain in good shape inside out. 5th, blow dry. Well, this is the best part! We had done a good practice and now starting the shavasana stage of the practice, the nearing end where we can lay and dry off all that we accomplished and learnt during that practice. 6th stage, pay, tip and say goodbye to your hairdresser with a gorgeous smile and gratitude for the time and effort. This can equal to us sitting in meditation and being grateful for being alive, having this opportunity to be on earth in a human form and just being! Roll up the mat and off we go about our day and activities with a clearer head and a body that had been stretched and conditioned. So you see, any activities that we partake in can lead us to yoga moments and behaviours. It is the mindfulness that allows us to zone in and focus on the subtleties and the gross elements of us being here.

Asana of the week:

Dharma III Sequence with Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. (One Legged Pigeon pose).

This is a great hip opener and a nice yin pose too. Using the fantastic Dharma III skeleton, we shall explore the Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana variation towards the end sitting with our proud puffed out chests and drawing the hands on the hips or side body to enhance the back bend element of this asan (pose).

Mantra for the Week:

Twameva Mata Chapita Twameva, Twameva Bandhu Cha Sakha Twameva. Twameva Vidya Dravinum Twameva Twameva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva.

You are my mother, my father, my brother and my friend. You are my knowledge and my only wealth. You are everything to me and the God of all Gods.


Rashila Amin

My focuses are my own. They are written with my understanding and perceptions of the world, the situation and/or my truth on the subjects. What is my Satya may not be yours. You have to find your own Truth, your own Satya. Travel the world as much as you can, go and visit places of beauty and sacredness. Get involved with your community and help where you can. Only then you too will find experiences and life lessons. If you do nothing… then nothing does you!