I Know ONE Thing That I Know NOTHING! Socrates…

I Know ONE Thing That I Know NOTHING! Socrates…

Socrates was the Greek philosopher born 470BCE who famously said “I know One Thing- That I know nothing”! This is this week’s on the mat inspiration. Why? It seems with so much knowledge, information overload, social media and so forth we are forgetting to get back to the basics now and again! That is.. just be with yourself and coming to a place of “Nothingness”! Clean the slate for a few minutes each day. Forget all that you have learnt. Sit in a dark room in a comfortable seat and just silence the mind to nothingness. Think of nothing, do nothing, just breath! What is the way we ought to live (Socrates question)? Examining oneself is the answer he replied. Know yourself to care for yourself. Gazing inwards brings you to your true nature. Your true self is the true soul. Making the effort, attention, energy and resources for the soul to be beautiful and as good as possible is our primary goal.

People do not question the source of their information, which is stored in the mind and then used as knowledge. Most of the time they are simply following someone else’s philosophy. Unless you uncover yourself from the layers of conditioning surrounding you, you will not be able to see your true self. All that is needed is to stop and reflect upon the very basis of your living (quote from Om Swami).

Kindness goes much more further than knowledge. You can bring tears from acts of kindness than speaking philosophy to a stranger. Of course, I am not saying leave all those beautiful poems, songs, stories etc behind, or leave all the teachings at the door forever. I am simply saying for this week just STOP, LISTEN.. and BE with just the breath, heart body and your mind in Oneness. In absolutely NOTHING! All the pre conditioning from parents, schools, communities amounts to dogmatic living. The Yamas and the Niyamas from the 8 Limbs of Yoga is the basis to live harmoniously. This is also from philosophy yes, but going against this principle brings more damage than good to the soul. Finding your own truth and source through experiencing life brings you to really get connected to yourself and then the connection to all things supersedes or takes over. Being Virtuous in your life brings joy to the soul. Nothing less but oh so much more!

Asana of the week: Prapada Setu-Bhandasana (Tip Toe Bridge pose)

This deep backbend of setu bhandasana (bridge pose) is as follows: we balance with the feet together and on the balls of our feet or even tip toes, with the heels pressing against our sitting bones. Knees down on the mat the crown of head balanced.  All backbends bring the heart chakra to open and rejoice in the spine. Feel the energizing effects of this asana. Then we will conclude on Kurmasana (tortoise) allowing us to close up, recluse in, create the hard shell that tortoises have to protect themselves, even shut off and go entirely inwards (Pratyhara).

Mantra for the Week; Moola Mantra (Oneness).

Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Rashila Amin

My focuses are my own. They are written with my understanding and perceptions of the world, the situation and/or my truth on the subjects. What is my Satya may not be yours. You have to find your own Truth, your own Satya. Travel the world as much as you can, go and visit places of beauty and sacredness. Get involved with your community and help where you can. Only then you too will find experiences and life lessons. If you do nothing… then nothing does you!